by Black

For Black 

BBFB Summit February 26th at The Maharaja Hall, Edmonton

Black History Month celebrates the African Diaspora in Canada.


On February 26th, 2022, during Black History month, BBFB will be hosting hundreds of
Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs across Edmonton at the inaugural By Black
For Black (BBFB) Business Summit Event.

The event will showcase and celebrate the works of some of Edmonton’s Black
Businesses and Entrepreneurs. In addition to this, there will be a lunch and learn session with Edmonton’s Black changemakers in the community.

The event is sponsored by the Edmonton Community Foundation. The mission of the BBFB project is to inspire, invest and build the capacity of Edmonton’s Black Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

This event is FREE for all Black businesses, and we request that you tell your friends and family - your entire network about the event. The venue will require you to show your proof of vaccination and your government issued identity document (i.e Drivers License e.t.c).

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Why Now?


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Event Goal

To bridge the gap stemming from Lack of Access, Anemic resources, and business
acumen for start-ups. The Summit is not only targeting these issues but also trying to build a more robust and holistic
approach in revitalizing the Arts community.


Our black youth
and creative artists struggle with leveraging their talents to build wealth for themselves.
Some of these issues are stemming from Lack of Access, Anemic resources, and business
acumen. We will have speakers educating on Financial literacy and Business strategies.


This event would bring together like-minded individuals from all walks of life and allow for businesses and individuals to mingle and build connections.







A discussion on both the Mental and Physical apects of health, the advantages, systems and support available.